Shisha Charcoal is charcoal, which is a black residue containing impure carbon, produced by removing water and volatile components from animals or plants. Generally you will get this just by heating wood, sugar, bones and various other objects. The following are the basic ingredients for making Shisha charcoal, including:

What Are the Basic Ingredients for Shisha Charcoal?


  • Wood Charcoal Source

Shisha charcoal is charcoal made from wood, the most widely used is for cooking purposes. Other uses are as a water purifier, use in the health sector and much more. Shisha Charcoal is usually obtained from various types of wood, namely Halaban wood.

This charcoal from pohacee is the best type of charcoal made with a much longer burning than other types of charcoal. The best temperature is needed to burn this one charcoal, because this charcoal is the type of charcoal used for barbeque and industrial purposes and is therefore very good.

Also burned at the best temperature, which is about 2-3 hours of burning time at 1000 F with a very slick heat consistency. This will produce less charcoal ash for the benefit of society. Cooking will certainly be more comfortable because you use this one charcoal. 

This type of charcoal is also very suitable to be used for grilling, smoking, and cooking in the room. Burning hookah Charcoal and Shisha Charcoal is very different, the difference lies in the length of use. Apart from this, this charcoal product is also more environmentally friendly and very affordable. 

  • Basic Ingredients of Sawdust Charcoal and Charcoal Briquettes

Pohacee also produces sawdust charcoal which is charcoal made from sawdust. The process of making it by burning, usually very easy to get from the right sawmill is also a leftover material that is rarely used by the owners so it is cheap.

This charcoal is usually used by a mixture of fertilizers and can be processed into charcoal briquettes. Charcoal briquettes are Pohacee products which are produced from sawdust, litter charcoal and husk charcoal. This type of charcoal can be used immediately and of course will run out quickly.

This charcoal will also be much more durable if it is converted into charcoal briquettes, the purpose of making this charcoal briquettes is to increase the burning time and save costs. This type of charcoal also goes through a series of production processes and is directly produced so that it can produce the best type of charcoal.

Obtained from tamarind trees, mangrove trees, guava trees and various types of trees that are the best in making charcoal. Hookah charcoal itself is made from a variety of natural raw materials, namely coconut wood from Sulawesi and Sumatra. Combustion is also not easy to just pass

This type of charcoal is also proven to be environmentally friendly, as a consumer you will find a different experience just by choosing this type of charcoal. Namely made of hard wood with coconut sawdust, the charcoal briquettes produced are also confirmed to be much longer than other charcoals.

Not only that, because we guarantee the quality of charcoal will be much better than other charcoal products. Made from a combination of binders as well as natural fillers in the form of dust or coal though.


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